Gold Coast Wedding Photography – Mark & Stacey Wedding


From the onset, Mark and I had agreed that when get married, we will have the best of Gold Coast wedding photographers to cover our wedding. Certainly, bumping into White Pearl Photography’s work at a friend’s wedding was truly a blessing. One thing that we both agreed was that only photos, would preserve the memories of our special say. Josh and the company made our day, auspicious and every day when we go through our photos, we can authoritatively say, that we have an awesome Gold Coast wedding photographer, second to none. Being a lady, my wedding day was quite special to me and with the photos that were taken, I can relive each of those moments by going through my wedding album. The company was able to take photos that tell our story in a conspicuous manner. If I was to redo my wedding, it would certainly be White Pearl Photography on those cameras, and I am sure Mark agrees with me on this.

How We Met

Well, it is quite interesting how we met, since we met at a time when we were both out of a bad relationship. I met Mark through a friend at a graduation party back in 2012 and there was an awkward moment where most of the people in the party had come with their partners. We started talking about where each one of us left the significant other, and as they say, “the rest is history!” We had a great relationship, exploring the world together. One of the most important things that we kept on discussing and found a common interest in was wedding photography Gold Coast.


Mark is a romantic guy and full of surprises. One evening while we were strolling the beach, he put a serious face and said, “Honey, I have found the best wedding photographer Gold Coast, would you do me the honors of taking the photos with me?” He went down on one knee, with a ring on his hand and I said yes. This was the best day of my life, as I was going to marry the man of my dreams and most importantly, have every moment captured by experienced Gold Coast wedding photographers.

Wedding Venue

We wanted a venue that we would enjoy our special day and after much consideration, we settled for the InterContinental Sanctuary Cove, because we wanted a venue that would create a perfect theme for our Gold Coast wedding photographer, and certainly it worked like magic. The natural setting created the perfect ambience for our photo shoots and this is a decision that we are proud of up to date. 3rd November will remain a memorable day for us as we became one. The memories were specially created by the best Gold Coast wedding photography company.


The cake was so sweet and beautiful, I remember we requested our baker to create something with a photography theme as a reminder of Mark’s proposal to me. It was delicious, and trust me every time I look at the photos taken of the cake, I salivate and remember the proposal, thanks to breathtaking pieces done by the number one wedding photographer Gold Coast. This remains to be the best day of our lives.

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