Gold Coast Wedding Photography, Matthew & Emily Parkwood International

Gold Coast Wedding Photography

The only way you can freeze the special day in time is to get Gold Coast Wedding Photography that will capture every moment in its authenticity. Matthew knew I wanted to have the perfect wedding photos so he researched about wedding photography Gold Coast and came across White Pearl Photography. We were totally blown away by the quality of the photos and the professionalism of our photographer. We will definitely be recommending them.

How we met

Ours is a pretty funny story. I actually met Matthew through a friend. She was getting married and I was her maid of honor. She asked me to help her fiancé’s cousin around because he had not been to the Gold Coast before. He was coming in with the photography team as my friend had opted out of getting a Gold Coast wedding photographer. As luck would have it, the clueless cousin was Matthew. We had such a nice time at the wedding and he asked for my number at the end of the day. We started dating a few weeks later, much to the amusement of my friend, who now refers to herself as a match maker.

The proposal

To this day, Matthew knows that I was not amused that he did not get the Gold Coast wedding photographer who did our wedding to capture the moment. It was so romantic but it was never caught on camera! He knew I always wanted a proposal straight out of the movies. He arranged an elaborate dinner, complete with a serenade and roses. After dessert he started rambling about how I was the best thing that ever happened to him but I heard none of it because I knew what was coming. He went down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of his life with him. Now every time I tell the story, some people never believe me because there was no Gold Coast wedding photographer to capture the moment.

Wedding Venue
We always wanted an outdoor wedding. Finding Parkwood International Golf Course was a dream come true. The lush gardens provided for such a romantic background, which made it easier for our Gold Coast Wedding photographer to get some really good shots. There is nothing as terrible as having a great team and great Gold Coast Wedding photography only to get a terrible venue. Parkwood International Golf Course will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

The Dress
My dress was gorgeous. Every frame captured by our choice Gold Coast wedding photography can attest to this. Most brides opt for readymade dresses but I really wanted one that was custom made to fit me. One of my best friends is a designer and she had no problem doing this for me, according to my specifications of course. The dress was flawless, with a sweetheart neckline and a trail that was to die for! In our wedding album one of my favorite photos is actually a timeless one of the trail that our Gold Coast wedding photographers took. Matthew admits his breath was taken away the minute he saw me. I believe him because White Pearl Photography caught the moment.

Favorite part of the day
Our favorite part of the day was the end. Matthew and I were just so happy that we got to celebrate such an important milestone with friends and family and have it all captured on film by our Gold Coast wedding photographer. It was a relief that everything worked out and that we would not have to go through the planning again, especially because I was such a bridezilla.

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