Gold Coast Wedding Photography, Palazzo Versace, Ashley & Christopher


Finding a Gold Coast Wedding photographer who understood my dream was one of the most important parts of planning our wedding. Christopher and I were lucky to have found White Pearl Photography for our big day. I was a bunch of nerves before the ceremony and was afraid it would show in the wedding photos. Our Gold Coast Wedding photographer helped me through this and now, every time I go through the wedding album I am amazed at the great work he did. The ceremony was captured in perfect frames, freezing every one of those moments for years to come. Christopher and I wanted Gold Coast wedding photographers that would get timeless photos of the guests at the reception and true to their word, White Pearl Photography delivered far beyond our expectations.

How we met

I always smile when I remember how we met. In fact, I wonder why there wasn’t any wedding photographer Gold Coast to capture that moment. I was seated in a coffee shop engrossed in one of my favorite books when Christopher tripped and fell on my table, taking it, and my coffee, along with him. In a bid to make it up to me, he asked to sit at my table and buy me another cup. We exchanged numbers and started this beautiful journey. Who knew clumsiness could turn out to be a blessing!

The proposal

I am a hopeless romantic and Christopher knows this. He says it took him months to get a good Gold Coast wedding photographer to capture the look on my face when he proposed. He set up an elaborate date, full of the little things I like. We had dinner, took a stroll and had some ice cream on the street as he walked me home. What I did not know is that he had a pianist waiting outside my house. He asked me to dance with him and at the end of the song he went down on one knee. I have never wept that much in my life. Needless to say, I said yes.

Wedding Venue

We found the perfect venue for our day and the photos taken buy our Gold Coast wedding photographer tell it all. Palazzo Versace is such a beautiful venue. The backdrop of the ocean is priceless! It was perfect for our photos because I have always dreamed of a beach wedding, walking in the sand and catching the waves in the background. I like that our Gold Coast wedding photographers were able to capture the harmony between our ceremony and Palazzo Versace. Favorite part of the day My favorite part of the day was the wedding photography Gold Coast session. Our photographer was so organized and understanding. He created a very conducive and friendly environment. You would never know that the session was themed because the photos do not look choreographed or tense. The bridal team had the photos as profile pictures for the longest time! Advice for other brides Although finding the perfect Gold Coast wedding photography is important, my advice to other brides would be to just relax. Sometimes you get so caught up in the planning and you want everything to be perfect so you end up becoming a nuisance. For me, Christopher kept reassuring me and swooping in to help with anything that made me stressed. He worked tirelessly to find White Pearl Photography which ended up being the perfect Gold Coast wedding photography experts we needed. Now, the day may be over but the pictures we have are worth a thousand words.

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